Adapting Books for TV, Underestimating Apple’s AI Plans

Bryan has been reading the Slow Horses book series, and Jeff wants to know if he should start reading them. That takes sends them into a discussion about adapting books and video games into TV shows and movies with a side trip into The Last of Us. They also talk about how annoyed Bryan is with reports saying Apple is falling behind in the AI and car markets because the company doesn’t talk about unannounced products and projects.

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Jeff’s ChatGPT generated bio:

  • Jeff Gamet is a technology journalist and editor who has written about Apple and other technology companies for over 20 years. He is currently the Managing Editor for The Mac Observer, a website that covers news, analysis, and opinion on all things Apple. Prior to working at The Mac Observer, Gamet was the Mac Vice President and Editorial Director for The Mac Observer and a Contributing Editor for Macworld. Gamet is well-known for his expertise on Apple and its products, and has a reputation for providing in-depth and accurate reporting on the company and the technology industry.

What’s correct in the bio:

  • Jeff has written about technology for over 20 years.
  • Jeff was The Mac Observer’s Managing Editor, but isn’t now.

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